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Blink and its Valentines Day

And just like that we have entered Valentines week. The date never changes, yet it seems to always creep up on us and come out of nowhere. Contrary to popular belief and common opinion the most romantic day of the year (or so they say) was not created by us Florist or greeting card companies or even Chocolatiers in a bid to create a spending frenzy for one day.

In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius established February 14th as Valentines Day. However, it wasn’t until the early 1800 that Valentine’s Day in all its glory that it is today began to form. Mass- produced elaborately decorated cards which were often attached to boxes of chocolates hit the shops. Cut flowers were becoming more of a trend, so they too became popular gifts given on this special day.

There is something almost exciting about the week of Valentines, the shop is bursting with excitement with a real buzz in the air.

 From shy young lads gingerly stepping into the shop like they were about to but something from the top shelf at the Newsagents, and "old hands at the job" husbands coming in to order their "usual" that they have had for the last few years, to eager lotharios hoping that that someone they are going to surprise with some beautiful roses will say "Yes!".... We see them all. All just as important, all contributing to the excitement and buzz that keeps us going long into the night.

Working an average 45 hours over the 3 days (12th, 13th and 14th Feb!) it is no surprise that when it comes to our own romances we will be living vicariously through our customers. Take last year for example, I was home by 21:30 to be greeted by dining cooking in the oven. What a dream I hear you all cry! You must have him well trained. Let me bring it back to reality, it happens once a year (Feb 14th) so to put it into perspective, to his 8 meals I have cooked 2,496 give or take a few! So, tonight is a night that we must savour and enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.

 I take myself upstairs to shower and try to make my hulk green hands and nails almost human. Out of the shower I sit on the bed to take a moment to reflect on the past 3 days. School boy error. The next thing I know, I’ve gone from green to blue (as am I still in my towel from the shower) Its 23:00, and my boyfriend is pissed off, towering over me telling me that my dinner that he has been slaving in the kitchen to make is now cold. Neither one of us ended the evening feeling remotely romantic or lustful for each other.

Moral of the story, February 14th is the day of love. Share the love this year not only with your loved ones, but also with your local florist. It is all so easy to pick up a bunch of flowers when you are doing the weekly shop or purchase online off the back of a quick google search. Take the time this year visit your local florist. Change your google search. Try ‘local florist near me’ as oppose to ‘valentines flowers delivered’. As florist we are basically risking our relationships for you. If I am to turn blue at the end of the evening for you, at least let it be for a good reason.


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