Hire Items

At Flower Connection we know that it may not be cost effect to purchase all the additional props for your weddings.. so why not hire them?

Weddings can be a expensive occasion, why not keep your cost down by hiring items that are unlikely to be used again. At Flower Connection you can hire;

Discuss all our items available to hire during your consultation 

Please note these prices exclude any floral arrangement or delivery


Available in either Gold or Silver

95cm £29.95

75cm £19.95

60cm £14.95

Bird Cages

Small (approx 20cm) £2.95

Large (approx 54cm) £5.95

25cm Black Metal Bird Cage £3.95

Coupe Vase/ Candle Holder

40cm Glass Coupe Copper plated Vase £9.95

Hurricane Vase

Hurricane Vase (approx 18cm) £4.95

Conical Vase

Conical Vase £4.95

Canopy Tree

Ivory Canopy Tree (approx 10ft) Each Tree £175.00

Ivory Blossom Tree

5ft Ivory Blossom Tree £75.00

6ft Ivory Blossom Tree £100.00

Glass Lantern

30cm Gold Metal and Glass Geometric Lantern £8.95

30cm Gold Metal and Glass Geometric Lantern £8.95

24cm Gold Metal and Glass Geometric Lantern £7.95


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