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We are a family business and that's how we like it - Amanda, Owner

Family run since 1974


We are a family run business and like to look after our customers with over 50 years’ experience and being born and bred Southall I think we know our customer.

 Back in the late 50s and early 60s the Davis boys were famous for selling fruit and veg down the King Street. They were the proud (and often loud) owners of the Hole in the Wall, but a certain Davis lady was not that keen on fruit and veg. So, with a bee in her bonnet Aida Davis started selling bunches of flowers from the side of the fruit and veg shop... and well as the saying goes the rest is history.

In1974 John and Pamela Davis opened the doors to what we call today Flower Connection UK. The first and only flower shop in Southall (and still the only flower shop in Southall). Fast forwards to February 1992 and Amanda and Jay opened the shutters to 3 Adelaide Road, Pregnant with Jodie.

Today nearly 50 years on from that first shop opening Jay, Amanda and Jodie, Father, Mother and Daughter are running Flower Connection. So whether it is Flowers by Jay, Amanda or Jodie, a Davis is still making your bouquet for you as they did 50 years ago.

Jodie’s’ partner of over 10 years is Sikh so understanding the traditions and culture comes second nature. Living with her Mother in Law whose mother tongue is Punjabi she is slowing learning the language too!

Pamela hung up her apron and scissors in 2019, but she can't keep away so still pops in every morning for a cup of rosie. Unfortunately, we lost our beloved John Davis in April 2020. However he is still very much present within the walls of our shop. Flower Connection is his story, we are his story and as long as you shop with us and keep us going, his legacy continues.

Belonging to the Institute of Professional Florists and British Florist Association we pride ourselves on serving our local Southall community and surrounding areas. Specialising in Sikh and Hindu Funerals and Weddings. We are proud to be your Southall Florist and the only true Flower Shop in Southall.